Airline Discount Code

Our code is 92H3AL. You can use this discount code at when arranging your flight accomodations.  The discount code only applies to flights into Chicago-O’Hare (ORD).

From O’Hare Airport

For those traveling to and from O’Hare Airport, the approximate cost of a taxi will be between $27 and $35 (not including a 15% tip). It is 14 miles between the airport and the Holiday Inn in Skokie. For more information on cab fares, not only for getting from O’Hare to the Holiday Inn, but navigating Chicago as well, check out Taxi Fare Finder and Taxi Auto Fare.  (Keep in mind fares are approximate and may not reflect the full total.)

As far as public transportation from the airport goes, there are a number of options. The best may be to take the CTA Blue Line train from O’Hare to Jefferson Park, then pick up Pace Bus 226 at the Jefferson Park Blue Line station. There are numbers where the buses park to pick up passengers.

Another option is to take the Blue Line to the Cumberland Ave. station and pick up Pace Bus 290 at that station. For more information on schedules, visit the Pace Bus website.

From Midway Airport

We discourage conference-goers from flying in through Midway Airport because of the high cab costs and complicated travel. A cab will run anywhere from $45 to $60 (not including a 15% tip). Keep in mind that traffic back-ups on Thursday and Friday will only increase the price.

With regard to public transportation, traveling from Midway Airport to Skokie takes roughly two hours and will require you to take multiple lines. You can ride  the Orange Line from Midway to the Clark/Lake Blue Line Stop, then pick up the same pace buses at the Jefferson Park station mentioned earlier. You can also go from the Midway Orange Line stop to the Roosevelt Red line stop, get off at the end of the line on Howard, and pick up the 290 bus from that station.

To Downtown Chicago

The best way to get to downtown Chicago may be to pick up the shuttle and head down to the Yellow Line. Then you will have a multitude of options by picking up either the Red, Brown, and Purple Line trains at various points. Pace Bus 290 can also be picked up around the hotel. From there, you may go to either the Blue or Red Line in order to make your way downtown.

For additional information and trip planning, please visit the Chicago Transit Authority’s trip planner.

Driving to Skokie

Depending on your starting location, I-90 and I-94 may be your best options for reaching Skokie. For getting to the actual hotel, you will want to be on Touhy Ave. Take Exit 39A in order to get on the street and reach the hotel.

For individual travel questions, please e-mail Jerome Cusson at