Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I’m so excited about the conference!  How can stay abreast of all the exciting news about what’s going on? 

A:  We’re so glad you asked.  Follow us on Twitter at @m_w_c_a or on Facebook. Also, following us, and/or tweeting before or during the conference with the hashtag #mwca2013 will enter you into a raffle for a small, writer-beloved prize.

Q: I have questions about the program, AV equipment, internet/Wi-Fi, what’s nearby the hotel (especially food), the Thursday evening reception, more food, public transit, events, guides, bookstores, airlines (and airfare discounts), moving around Skokie and to Chicago, pre-conference workshops, the pre-conference writing retreat, registration, whether the conference hotel is full, where I can find information about booking the backup hotel.

A: Use the links at the top of this website, under About and for direct links to the Program, Conference, Chicago, Travel, Pre-conference Workshops, Pre-conference Writing Retreat, Contact, and Register.

And yes, I’m afraid that the conference hotel is full, but we do have a backup hotel.  We’re so glad so many of you will be joining us in Skokie!


Q: OK, well what about audio for the presentations, and MWCA membership?

A: Oh, that stuff is on this website!


Q: What’s the weather going to be like?

A: That’s hard to tell.  Chicagoland (yes, that’s what we call the area around Chicago) will be transitioning from light jacket weather to something a bit chillier.  Skokie’s zip code is 60077 and Downtown Chicago’s is 60606. Keep an eye on the local weather with a weather app on your phone or by checking an online source like or or or


Q: What’s near the hotel in Skokie?

A: Check out our customized local map.


Q: What’s Chicago like?

A: There’s a large downtown area, with lots of little neighborhoods to visit in the surrounding area.


Q: Is it worth leaving Skokie and going into Chicago?

A: Yes.  For a hundred reasons why, check out our Chicago page.


Q: Where can I go to have a beverage (tea, wine, Shirley Temple) and see all of Chicago?

A: Try the Hancock Tower Signature Room.  (Apologies to the gentlemen, the best view is from the women’s restroom.)  There are also a number of other rooftop restaurants and nightspots.


Q: Where can I find out more about the Chicagoland Writing Centers Association, who I hear are pleased to be hosting us, the Midwest Writing Centers Association, and the rest of the sponsors?

A: Chicagoland Writing Centers Association has a website, as does the Midwest Writing Centers Association. We’ve also listed all the sponsors and conference planners on this website.


Q: What do I do if I still have more questions?

A: Drop us a note with the info at the Contact Us page or find us on social media.