Pre-Conference Reminders & Advice!

To ensure that your trip and conference go smoothly, remember to…

  • Bring layers! The rooms inside the Holiday Inn will be air-conditioned, and it tends to get chilly. Also, Chicago weather will be 60s on the high end, and it’ll get down to the 40s at night. Please bring a jacket, and possibly a scarf, lightweight gloves and a hat, an umbrella, and comfortable shoes especially if you’ll be taking public transportation downtown.
  • Bring your laptop! Each room is equipped with a screen, projector, and necessary cables for hooking up laptops (both PCs and Macs), and you will have access to the hotel’s Wifi. However, everyone is responsible for bringing his/her laptop to his/her session. It would be wise to back-up your presentation in a different place–a jump/flash/thumb drive etc. Don’t forget to bring your laptop charging cable!
  • Be green! We will have a beverage service during the breaks, and water will be available during the day. You should bring a reusable water bottle and your favorite reusable coffee/travel mug for warm beverages.
  • Bring money! If you haven’t already paid for your registration, membership, workshop, or CTA pass, you can do that at the conference. We will accept check or credit card (transaction fees apply). Also, Rebecca Day Babcock and Terese Thonus will be having a book signing Thursday night at our pre-conference reception (5:30pm to 7pm at the Holiday Inn), and you’ll want to bring cash to purchase books.
  • Bring business cards! You’re going to meet so many cool people this weekend, and it would be great to be able to exchange contact information with them.

Looking forward to the conference!